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Online Transfer Application Open for Current 9th Graders!


Key Dates:

4/19/17: Application opens

5/3/17: Application closes

5/4/17 – 5/7/17: Semi-finalists invited to interview

5/8/17 – 5/12/17: Semi-finalist interviews

5/13/17 – 5/19/17: Accepted students notified and commit to program following commitment meeting

For more information, Visit the application page for more information and links to the online form.

Synopsys Science Fair Awards!


After the awards ceremony on Sunday, we are thrilled to announce the specific awards and honors that SLI students received. Three SLI projects (one from each grade level) placed 1st in the Physical Science & Engineering Category and the two middle school projects received nominations to compete in Broadcom MASTERS (an elite middle school science competition). Two more SLI projects placed 2nd in the same Physical Science & Engineering Category. And six projects received honorable mention. The Association for Computing Machinery gave a 2nd place student award and an honorable mention student award to two SLI projects. An 8th grade project received a certificate of achievement from the Society of Women Engineers. And one 9th grade project, in addition to winning an honorable mention, received the Bruce Kawanami Engineering Award and a BBC Microbit Development Kit from TechLab Education. Overall, 18 awards and honors were given to 14 SLI projects. Amazing work, award winners!

Synopsys is a prestigious local science fair that requires rigorous project-based research from its participants. Its submission guidelines demand a clearly defined question or problem; accurate testing and analysis; quantifiable, measurable results; and a clear definition of criteria for success or outcome. This year, 41 SLI sciences projects were accepted to the fair; and a total of 69 students worked on these projects and presented them in March to approximately 500 category and special award judges, including over 60 industry professionals.

This year 14 SLI projects (22 students) were selected to receive awards. These projects include a heat-sensing rescue robot, an active cuff for the treatment of edema in the lower extremities, and several projects that aim to help the blind with navigating, sensing what is ahead of them, or cleaning up after their service dogs.

It has been another year of fantastic projects and presentations. Congratulations to all! And best of luck to the projects that are continuing on to Broadcom MASTERS!

Six SLI Teams Receive Honorable Mention for their ExploraVision Projects


We are thrilled to announce that six SLI teams received Honorable Mention for their ExploraVision research projects. ExploraVision is a nationwide competition centered around the history and future of technology. Competing teams select a specific current technology and research its origin, its modern day purpose, and exactly how it works. “The students must then project into the future what that technology could be like 20 years from now and determine what scientific breakthroughs need to occur to make it a reality” ( including the particular benefits and consequences of the new technology.

As a part of the project, teams designed websites to showcase their research. Please find below the website designs for the SLI projects that received honorable mentions. Due to student privacy concerns, some websites were not able to be published online; below are images of the websites for grades 7 and 8, and active links for grade 9.

A.P.O. Artificial Programmable Organs (7th Grade)
Heart Muscle Regeneration (7th Grade)
Puri Plug (8th Grade)
Enhanced Touch (8th Grade)
Stella Via 1 (8th Grade)
Muscle Memory (9th Grade)

Recruitment for Class of 2023 Wraps Up


After three months dedicated to the recruitment process, we at the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute (SLI) are excited to announce that all admission decisions for the incoming class of 2023 have been finalized. From the written applications to the student interviews to the SLI-hosted information sessions, we were amazed by the talent and passion of this year’s applicants. While we wish that we could accept everybody into the program, there are only a certain number of slots in each grade level cohort and admission is competitive; this year we had to turn away more than half of the applicants.

The incoming class will be coming from four different schools throughout the district to attend the program. As an introduction to SLI, they will be invited to various welcome events before the end of the year; and then they will officially start the program in July with SLI’s summer session. We are thrilled to welcome them to the program and excited to see everything they will accomplish over the next six years.

Students start working on Maker Faire 2017 projects


Maker Faire isn’t happing for a few months, but that doesn’t mean SLI students aren’t hard at work brainstorming and creating in anticipation. A celebration of the Maker Movement, Maker Faire is a unique festival that blends STEM fields, art, creativity, and problem solving. This year SLI is sending several teams from each grade to showcase creations specifically designed for the faire. Each grade was given a theme to springboard their creativity.

For 7th grade, the theme is “Growth Mindset In, Stress Out.” One team is responding by working on rose-colored lenses, designed to block blue-light emission from screens. Another team has been inspired to create a “music cube” based on ideas from music therapy.

The 8th graders have been given the theme “Exploration,” and students are proposing a diverse set of ideas, including a 3D printed caterpillar that can be programmed, a Maker Faire scavenger hunt app, and a problem-solving backpack cover.

The 9th grade theme is “Philanthropic Fabrication,” inspiring community-oriented, altruistic projects from students. Details to come!

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