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Professional Development

ESA Professional Development

Professional development within the East Side Alliance has focused on the implementation of the math common core standards at the middle and high school grade levels. Over 150 teachers have been impacted.

The professional development goals for the East Side Alliance centers around the following:

– on strategies to make mathematics accessible to all students
– with colleagues on strategic plans and steps for effective implementation

– a classroom culture that supports a problem solving approach to mathematics
– a common language around mathematical thinking and learning
– strategies to make tasks more open-ended, to encourage multiple methods and representations

– in inquiry-based strategies and tasks to develop conceptual understandings of mathematics as a subject of patterns and connections
– in rich mathematical tasks that encourage students to develop a sense of agency

Math Symposia

We hold three math symposia per year, focusing on topics such as formative assessment, questioning skills, mathematical mindsets, and educational research, with the target audience being middle school and high school teachers within the  East Side Alliance. To date, 15 math symposiums have been held for middle school and high school math teachers.

High School/Middle School Math Collaboratives

The high school/middle school math collaboratives are professional learning communities convening high school and middle school  teachers to delve deeper into the mathematical practices presented at the larger symposia.

NEW Elementary Collaboratives

 Our newest addition to our ongoing professional development efforts for the East Side Alliance is our elementary math collaborative, focusing on Grades 3-6 teachers (where 6th grade is part of the elementary school, not the middle school), instructional coaches, and administrators.  We held two sessions this school year, focusing on both content and pedagogy, based on the work of Dr. Jo Boaler.

Professional Learning Communities

Professional development in conducting and facilitating professional learning communities has been provided by the New Teacher Center, with over 400 teachers and an additional 50 principals going through the training.

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