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Elevate [Math] Corporate Volunteer program

How to become a volunteer?

To become a volunteer sign up here.
Make sure you have proof of a recent TB test and get fingerprinted by May 31 (TB test and fingerprint details here). Then, RSVP for June 6, 2011 OR RSVP for June 8, 2011.

Corporate Volunteer Description: Elevate [Math] (Elevate [Math]) program

The Silicon Valley Education Foundation and its partners are working to improve education through the Elevate [Math] Program (Elevate [Math]). Corporate volunteers are needed in the Elevate [Math] classroom during June and July of 2011. Now is your chance to make a difference for students! May 15, 2011 is the deadline to apply.

Algebra I in middle school is considered a "gatekeeper" course for college admissions. Students must pass Algebra to graduate from high school and meet UC and CSU college requirements. Elevate [Math] (Elevate [Math]) is a summer school program that allows students to move ahead one full grade level in math. The Elevate [Math] program offered by the Silicon Valley Education Foundation is unique. It brings together the content expertise of school curriculum experts with the practical business expertise of a leading Silicon Valley firm.

If you are passionate about public education, now is your opportunity to make a direct impact on students by serving as a corporate volunteer in the classroom.

Volunteer Activities

There are a number of ways you can help with the Elevate [Math]/MAP programs! See the list of below for suggestions on how you can contribute. Then, sign up to be a volunteer!

Classroom Assistance

In collaboration with the Teacher and Teaching Assistant circulate around the room assisting students with their math problems during individual work time and group activities. You may also be asked to give a short (5-10 min) talk regarding your profession and how math plays a role in your work.

Technology Assistant

During our technology hour of the class, you can help students log-on to the computer program, trouble shoot user issues, monitor students (ensure they stay on task), offer support when needed, make sure that computers are shut down correctly and be responsible for locking the computers up in a cabinet, and provide feedback to the teachers.

Data Collection

Help the Teacher and Teacher’s Assistant input statistical data related to the student’s performance and attendance during the program. Duties will include tracking attendance and pre and post paper testing results to be loaded on to computer-based programs or excel files.

Field Trips

Along with a Teacher accompany a class on a field trip to a local college. As such, help supervise students on the bus and at the campus, take attendance, pass out materials and refreshments, review parent permission slips, help ensure that all student on the trip return safely to the school. NOTE: Field trip days extend the day to 5pm.

Evening Events

Volunteer to help out at a Parent and/or College Information Night. Help set up the room where the events will be held, prepare audio visual equipment, coordinate food, materials, prepare handouts, make copies, clean up after event, greet people, take attendance. Note: Evening events are held 6-8pm.

Career Day

Partner with the Teacher to plan a career day for a classroom. The career day will feature 2 – 3 speakers giving short presentations (10 minutes max) on their careers and how math enters into their work day. Prepare handouts, agendas; bring incentives and snacks for the students. Create a presentation on your job and how math plays a role.

Photography and video

Is photography and/or video a hobby of yours? Volunteer your time to take photos and video during classroom time, events, field trips, etc.

Volunteer Requirements

  • Passion to help students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds understand the importance of math in career and life
  • Understanding of basic pre-Algebra concepts
  • Adult
  • Proof of a recent TB test (within 2 years) (by May 31)
  • Fingerprinting (for background check) (by May 31)
  • Provide own transportation to the school
  • Sign liability form
  • Application must be submitted by May 15, 2011.

How to become a volunteer?

To become a volunteer sign up here.
Make sure you have proof of a recent TB test and get fingerprinted by May 31 (TB test and fingerprint details here). Then, RSVP for June 6, 2011 OR RSVP for June 8, 2011.


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