Steve Wozniak Invites 49ers SLI Students to Participate in Science Fair

April 27, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

Steve Wozniak (inventor, engineer, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Apple) hosts an annual Science Fair as a part of Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC); this year, Wozniak attended Synopsys Science Fair and invited certain projects to participate, including some SLI students’ projects. Wozniak met with each student team and discussed their projects, giving them a unique opportunity … Read More

Students Attend the California State Science Fair

April 25, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

This last weekend a team of SLI students attended the California State Science Fair. After receiving the 2nd place award in Physical Science and Engineering at Synopsys Science Fair, they were invited to attend this selective fair in Southern California. The team enjoyed presenting its project at this statewide competition. They were able to meet students from … Read More

49ers SLI’s 7th Graders Get an Inside Look at Google

April 20, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

Our 7th grade class visited Google campus on Wednesday, where they got an exclusive peek into the life, culture, and undertakings of Google and Alphabet (Google’s holding company). Students began the visit with an indulgent lunch at the Google dining hall and then a tour around main Mountain View campus. After walking off lunch, students attended five talks … Read More

Synopsys Science Fair Awards!

April 10, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

After the awards ceremony on Sunday, we are thrilled to announce the specific awards and honors that SLI students received. Three SLI projects (one from each grade level) placed 1st in the Physical Science & Engineering Category and the two middle school projects received nominations to compete in Broadcom MASTERS (an elite middle school science competition). Two more SLI … Read More

49ers SLI partner SVEF Ranked Among Nation’s Top Education Innovation Clusters

April 10, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SV[e]F) ranks among the nation’s top ten Education Innovation Clusters, according to an op-ed article written by Baltimore EdTech’s Frank Bonsai III. “…the March rendition of the Baltimore EdTech meetup was fortunate to have Katrina Stevens speak on the subject of education innovation clusters (#edclusters). Katrina is a former Deputy Director of the US Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology and … Read More

Students Speak at Winter Fest

April 5, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

Last month, two 49ers STEM Leadership Institute (SLI) students had the opportunity to speak at the 49ers Foundation’s 17th annual Winter Fest. They spoke about their experiences in the SLI program; learning the design thinking process; working with state of the art tools; developing their soft skills; and collaborating with fellow classmates. “The 49ers Foundation annual Winter Fest event … Read More