SLI’s 7th graders are currently studying ecosystems, human impact on the environment, and geology; and they recently got the exciting opportunity to get their feet wet (and their hands dirty) restoring Bay Area wetlands. Under the expert guidance of Save The Bay (a Bay Area organization dedicated to restoring Bay Area ecosystems), SLI students spent the afternoon learning about the wetlands and the threat of invasive species. They learned to identify invasive plants and then removed 18 bags worth of them (including fennel, thistle, wild lettuce, and italian radish). During the trip, students saw geese and their goslings roaming the wetlands. It was a beautiful afternoon spent near Bixby Park in Palo Alto, learning first-hand about bay area plants and animals.
As a followup to the wetlands trip, a speaker from the Santa Clara Water District spoke to the SLI 7th grade science classes this week. She taught an exciting interactive lesson about plastic pollution, its dangerous impact on animals, and ways to maintain a clean watershed.
For more information about Save The Bay and their volunteering and plant restoration opportunities, visit their “Get Involved” page.

For more information about the Santa Clara Water District, visit their webpage here.

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