In early April, all 49ers SLI 7th graders had the unique opportunity to visit Google in Mountain View. The visit started off with a tour of the campus, followed by a marvelous lunch buffet in the food court, and then employees spoke with students about their specific work within Google.

Topics covered included:

  • How Google Makes Money, which addressed not only advertisements and paid search results, but also side projects, like Project Loon and the self-driving car.
  • Machine Vision & Learning, which explored computer vision and how engineers teach a computer to see.
  • How Google Hires, which discussed hiring myths, how to talk about accomplishments, and the ways Google evaluated candidates.
  • Virtual Reality, which examined at Google Expedition and the differences between virtual and augmented reality.

Thank you for much to Diana L, Mark L, Susan C, and Dylan T for organizing this amazing trip!

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