“It was a wonderful experience that really helped me expand my knowledge of artificial intelligence and user interface”    — SLI 9th grader

On August 19th, two teams of SLI 9th & 10th graders represented Santa Clara High School in the MindX AI Innovation Contest. Co-sponsored by Cupertino Library Foundation, Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE) and Silicon Valley Community United, the two-day event hosted eight teams from china and fourteen teams from local communities, including Cupertino, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, and Saragota.Using a kit with 15 different types of sensors, 6 output devices, and colorful bricks for quick prototyping, teams created devices for a wide variety of uses. Judges evaluated groups across an array of factors, and Cupertino Mayo Darcy Paul attended the event to encourage the teams on their innovations.

We’re excited to announce that both SLI teams won prizes: one team won the top prize for Best Invention for their technologically advanced cane for the blind; and the other team won the top prize for Best Application for a AI-enhanced Health Alert Kit (shown in the included video). Congratulations all!

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