Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SV[e]F) ranks among the nation’s top ten Education Innovation Clusters, according to an op-ed article written by Baltimore EdTech’s Frank Bonsai III.

“…the March rendition of the Baltimore EdTech meetup was fortunate to have Katrina Stevens speak on the subject of education innovation clusters (#edclusters). Katrina is a former Deputy Director of the US Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology and an expert on education, education innovation, and how technology and ecosystems or clusters apply to the same. In her two year stint at the USDOE, she became immersed in the nascent but growing concept of education innovation clusters, #edclusters. Katrina and the team led by former Director Joseph South were instrumental in furthering the work begun by Digital Promise alongside a robust body of adjacent work.

According to Digital Promise, education innovation clusters are “local communities of practice that bring together educators, entrepreneurs, funders, researchers, and other community stakeholders to design, implement, iterate on, and disseminate breakthrough learning practices and tools.” In simpler terms, clusters represent the places, people, processes, and pedagogies where innovative teaching, learning, and leading can more easily occur.

Why Education Innovation Clusters?

As the renowned economist, researcher, author, advisor, speaker and teacher, HBS professor Michael Porter, imparts, “clusters disproportionately foster productivity, innovation, and entrepreneurial activity in their regions.” In other words, the ecosystem density and quality of domains are critical […]

U.S. Top Ten Education Clusters — and Counting

iZone NYC — New York, New York

Remake Learning (+ Sprout Fund) — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

LEAP Innovations — Chicago, Illinois

Eduvate RI (+ Highlander Institute) — Rhode Island

MAPLE (+ LearnLaunch) — Boston, Massachusetts

Silicon Valley Education Foundation — Northern California

Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative — Kentucky

Alignment Nashville — Nashville, Tennessee

Mobile Technology Learning Center, U San Diego — Southern California

Community Share — Tucson, Arizona”

For the full article, check out the publication on LinkedIn or Baltimore EdTech website.

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