A nationwide competition for grades K-12, ExploraVision focuses on the history and future of technology; it has very open-ended guidelines that allow contestants to get very creative and imaginative in their research projects. Competing teams select a specific current technology and research its origin, its modern day purpose, and its design. “The students must then project into the future what that technology could be like 20 years from now and determine what scientific breakthroughs need to occur to make it a reality” (www.exploravision.org) including the particular benefits and consequences of the new technology. 

We are thrilled to announce that 9 SLI teams received honorable mentions this year! (Out of all K-12 applicants in the USA and Canada, ExploraVision only picks the top 500 projects for Honorable Mention and they each receive a unique prize for their accomplishment.)

Winning SLI projects include Internal Cochlea Implant, The Ultrasonic Lung Cancer Detector (image above), Carbon Capture Conversion (CCC), H2Ocean, Gene Editing Limb Regrowth Initiation Chamber, The AMR SerumThe Pacific Ocean Restoration Project, BPHV (BioPrinted Heart Valves), Alzheimer’s Regeneration Therapy (A.R.T.)

As a part of the project, teams design websites in addition to writing lengthy papers to showcase their research; the links above connect to websites for the 7th grade projects. (Due to student privacy concerns and/or the cost, not all projects were able to publish websites publicly.)

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