Welcome back! While the school year has not yet officially started, our students are back in the labs, exploring, prototyping, experimenting, and learning. Over the next three weeks, students will do team-building activities, familiarize themselves with the design thinking cycle, study circuits and computer science, and begin introductions to science and math classes. All program teachers and many program administrators will be facilitating and teaching all three weeks,  familiarizing themselves with the students and their work.

This year marks the opening of our brand-new Fab Foundation-certified lab at Santa Clara High School, which features many new and exciting tools, such as a CNC tool (ShopBot), a compact mill, a band saw, a sewing and embroidery machine, and a molding and casting station; and all this is in addition to new laser cutters, a vinyl cutter, and 3-D printers. The summer will also be spent familiarizing students with the new equipment and encouraging its application to projects.

It’s exciting to see all the students back in school and tackling new challenges and building on their experience from the year before. Here’s to the upcoming year and the challenges, discoveries, and knowledge it will bring!

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