Our 7th grade class visited Google campus on Wednesday, where they got an exclusive peek into the life, culture, and undertakings of Google and Alphabet (Google’s holding company). Students began the visit with an indulgent lunch at the Google dining hall and then a tour around main Mountain View campus. After walking off lunch, students attended five talks from current Google employees. The speakers covered many topics, including project Loonautonomous cars, marketing and advertising, and “three things I wish I’d known as a 7th grader.”

It was an exciting look into the workings and mindset of a top-tier technology company and its employees. Not only did they gain valuable insight into how a company like Google functions, but also into the various paths that lead each speaker to their current job at Google. Students left the Mountain View campus feeling inspired and motivated, with new perspective on their own projects with SLI.

A huge thank you to our parent volunteers who organized an amazing event.

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