STEM Innovation Hub

The STEM Innovation Hub (iHub) leverages research, practice, partnerships, and policy to advise and network education stakeholders committed to transforming student achievement through technology equity. It does this through three major program areas: Computer Science, EdTech Partnerships, and EdTech Assessments.


Computer science has become a necessary component of students’ education to prepare them for the demands of increasingly tech-focused 21st century careers. SVEF is committed to identifying and finding solutions to computer sciences needs in San Mateo and Santa Clara County school districts. iHub uses advocacy, curriculum development, and research to develop and strengthen computer science opportunities for students.

Computer Science Institute

Last summer, SVEF piloted its Grade 7 and 8 computer science class in five districts. Students studied computational thinking and basic coding through a design thinking lens and project-based learning. SVEF will be offering the 7 and 8 class this summer. SVEF will also have a grade 9 and 10 class that will focus on more advanced coding languages and computer science topics. If you are interested in the class, please contact for more information! Applications for the Summer of 2020 will be coming soon!

Wells Fargo Change the Future Grant

Wells Fargo and SVEF are partnering again to offer mid-size grants to schools with 50% or above free and/or reduced lunch in Santa Clara County. Schools will have an opportunity to apply for up to $5000 to start or continue a computer science program in their school. The grants can be used to purchase equipment or software that will enhance the experience of the students. They can also be used to help fund professional development for teachers. The Applications will be open at the beginning of October! Program

A key partnership SVEF  has is with, a leader in computer science outreach and official sponsor of the nation-wide Hour of Code. Every December, iHub organizes Hour of Code and Code Night events in schools across the Bay Area.

iHub also supports teachers in computer science through professional development. We are excited to host our third computer science cohort for the 2019-2020 school year. Over 74 teachers from over 35 Bay Area school districts have participated in Computer Science Discoveries and Computer Science Principles training with SVEF!

Applications for the 2019-2020 are coming soon


EdTech is growing at a rapid pace, with new options for platforms, apps, and computer programs growing daily. However, our understanding of the real use and impact of EdTech is still developing. Through the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and partnership with independent education research, development, and service agency WestEd, iHub examines how EdTech products are being used in classrooms and the impact they have on student learning and achievement.

For more information on our Computer Science, EdTech Assessment, or EdTech Pilot initiatives, please contact the iHub Team at or 408.790.9400, ext 3.