49ers STEM Leadership Institute is a program of Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF), which was recently ranked as number 17 in a national study of K-12 education Foundations by Caruthers Institute.

“The nation’s only annual study and ranking of K-12 education foundations was released […], showing the large impact that local communities led by business leaders make on public education.  The study — in its fourth year — is conducted by the nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank The Caruthers Institute (formerly Dewey & Associates).

“he industry continues to grow, with the study’s more than 200 foundations holding more than one-half billion in assets and raising almost $400 million,” said Dewey Caruthers, study author and president of The Caruthers Institute that conducts the study, noting “top-performing K-12 education foundations are most often led by the top local business, community and education leaders. […]

The study focuses on K-12 education foundations in the 200 largest school districts (by student population).  Additionally, top-performing education foundations that serve smaller school districts were included.  In totality, there were 191 K-12 education foundations from 219 school districts included in the study.  These foundations collectively generated the following in 2015 (most recent year data available):

  • Held $539 million in assets
  • Raised $392 million
  • Invested $165 million into grants and programs
  • Leveraged 57,970 volunteers to fuel efforts

Stepping Up looks at eight key performance categories to determine the ranking: annual revenues, revenues per student, total assets, assets per student, investment income, total program expenses, expenses per student, and human capital (volunteers).”

For more information about the study and Caruthers Institute, visit www.caruthers.institute

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