Early Math Adds Up

The Early Math Adds Up forum presented research findings and practical solutions to raise awareness of the importance of building the STEM education pipeline early and giving all students an early start for later success. It featured a keynote by Greg Duncan, Distinguished Professor (UC Irvine School of Education) along with two panels of experts with panelists including: Greg Duncan (UC Irvine School of Education), Yvonne Kao (WestEd), Ted Lempert (Children Now), Peter Mangione (WestEd), Kathy Gomez (Evergreen School District), Mary Hoshiko Haughey (YMCA of Silicon Valley), Sandy McKeithan (Head Start), and Marwa Yousofzoy (Oak Grove School District).

Early Math Adds Up (Presentation)

Early Math Adds Up (Slides)

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Early Math Adds Up Forum

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