ESA Professional Development


  • on strategies to make mathematics accessible to all students

  • with colleagues on strategic plans and steps for effective implementation


  • a classroom culture that supports a problem solving approach to mathematics

  • a common language around mathematical thinking and learning

  • strategies to make tasks more open-ended, to encourage multiple methods and representations


  • on strategies to make mathematics accessible to all students

  • with colleagues on strategic plans and steps for effective implementation


ESA offers several professional development opportunities to educators and school leaders across its eight districts. 

Assessment for Learning Series

The Assessment for Learning (AFL) series, in its fifth year, is a teacher-led initiative that trains mathematics teachers to develop, conduct, and score performance assessments. Each year, a committee of K-12 mathematics educators identifies areas of improvement based on the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) results and create professional development and performance assessments that develop deep learning and designated shifts in assessment practices. Assessments, developed using current state release questions, are given during the month of February. After scoring the assessments and analyzing the data, teachers develop strategies to re-engage students in order to support and enhance shared improvement goals for the ESA.

The AFL series was developed from a partnership with the Santa Clara County Office of Education and the ESA.

Impact Teams

In 2019, SVEF started the Impact Team, a pilot that began with Andrew Hill and Mt. Pleasant High Schools, along with select elementary and middle "feeder" schools. Each school was advised to form a team of at least 4 members (principal, counselor/coach, and two teachers) and administrators are also encouraged to attend. For the Franklin McKinley School District, the schools involved are Shirakawa Elementary, Hellyer Elementary, Dahl (Captain Jason M.) Elementary, Ramblewood Elementary, Los Arboles Literacy and Technology Academy, Sylvandale Middle School, and Lairon College Preparatory Academy. For the Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District, the schools involved are Mt Pleasant STEAM Elementary, Robert Sanders Elementary, Valle Vista Elementary, Ida Jew Academies, and August Boeger Middle. For the Oak Grove School District, the schools involved are Christopher Elementary, and Davis (Caroline) Intermediate.

The Impact Teams are a unique opportunity for elementary/middle/high school teachers and administrators to connect with their feeder network, and discuss pedagogy as their students transition into the next grade level and school.

Jenni Donohoo is the facilitator and she is teaching PD's to the Impact Teams around Collective Efficacy, and providing tools/resources for better teaching practices and student outcomes, particularly in Math.


The ESA has put together resources to support teachers and principals in schools across the Alliance.

ESA Math Toolkit

This is a shared Math Toolkit, similar in style to those in other districts such as San Francisco and Stanislaus. The purpose of the ESA Math Toolkit is to develop a blueprint for best mathematics instructional practices that can be the foundation for professional development across the East Side Alliance. Over the the past two years, the ESA provided three math symposia followed by High School and Middle School Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) convening mathematics teachers across the ESA.

A cohort of math experts provided ideas, content, and strategies. A draft toolkit was presented to a group of ESA teachers in May 2017 at a special symposium. The final working toolkit was ready for the 2017-2018 school year.

For more information on any of these events, please contact the East Side Alliance Team at or 408.790.9400, ext 6.