East Side Alliance

The East Side Alliance (ESA) consists of eight districts: the East Side Union High School District and the seven elementary partner districts: Alum Rock, Berryessa, Evergreen, Franklin-McKinley, Mt. Pleasant, Oak Grove, and Orchard. Together they serve approximately 82,000 students—almost the combined size of San Francisco and Oakland Unified School Districts. If the ESA were one district, it would be the third largest in the state.

ESA is a collective impact initiative recognizing that the districts and partners involved are independent agencies agreeing to collaborate towards a common purpose, with agreed upon goals and objectives supporting a collaboratively developed Vision and Mission.

The Spartan East Side Promise

The Spartan East Side Promise is essentially a guarantee of admission to East Side students that fulfill specific criteria.  We are providing a pathway to admission to SJSU by clearly specifying admissions requirements and actively sharing this information with students and families at the 13 high schools in the East Side Union High School District.  It is an initiative that fosters a college-going culture in San Jose schools and promises to help prepare students for admission to San Jose State University.

Teacher Housing Opportunity: Landed

The East Side Alliance is proud to parter with Landed to help our educators better afford housing here in the Bay Area. Landed works with educators by providing half of a downpayment for a home, up to $120,000 in exchange for 25% of the home’s future gain or loss. Any teacher, administrator, or staff member who has been in the ESA districts for at least two years is eligible.

Interested staff can apply at www.landed.com/get-landed or by emailing hi@landed.com

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ESA's Vision

We prepare every student for a lifetime of success in Silicon Valley.

ESA's Mission

As an educational community, we share ideas, leverage resources and align practices.

ESA's Goal

Be THE California model for excellence and collaboration.

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East Side Union High School District
www.esuhsd.org     830 North Capitol Avenue, San Jose, CA 95133

Alum Rock Union Elementary School District
www.arusd.org     2930 Gay Avenue San Jose, CA 95127

Berryessa Union School District
www.berryessa.k12.ca.us     1376 Piedmont Rd, San Jose, CA 95132

Evergreen School District
www.eesd.org     3188 Quimby Road San Jose, CA 95148

Franklin-McKinley School District
www.fmsd.org     645 Wool Creek Dr, San Jose, CA 95112      

Mount Pleasant Elementary School District
www.mountpleasant.k12.ca.us     3434 Marten Avenue, San Jose, CA 95148

Oak Grove School District
www.ogsd.net     6578 Santa Teresa Blvd, San Jose, CA 95119

Orchard Elementary School District
www.orchardsd.org     921 Fox Ln, San Jose, CA 95131

Core Values

Collaboration: We work together for the benefit of every student.
Equity: We allocate resources and develop practices to ensure that every student is college and career-ready.
Inclusiveness: We actively engage all parents, students, staff, and community.
Innovation: We take initiative and demonstrate creativity in leveraging and seeking additional resources to implement initiatives.

Strategic Initiatives

Successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards.
Technology support for students including access to devices and web access from home.
Leveraging the collective impact of the ESA to increase resources and influence decision makers.
Implement the East Side Promise to guarantee a college-going pathway.
Closing the achievement gap: accelerating African American and Latino A-G rates.

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