Faiyaz Shahpurwala

Board Member

Faiyaz Shahpurwala is a budding entrepreneur and previously served as the former Senior Vice President of Cisco’s Cloud Infrastructure and Managed Services Organization. In that role, he was responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining delivery of a cohesive cloud infrastructure to accelerate Cisco’s as-a-service consumption models. He also lead Cisco’s Industry Solutions Group, which developed industry-specific solutions in areas such as virtual healthcare, physical security and safety, connected education, and smart and connected communities.

Since he joined Cisco in 1992, Shahpurwala’s key accomplishments were building the Services and Data Center businesses and directing Cisco’s focus on industry solutions. He was also a founding member of the Network Supported Accounts group, which grew to become Cisco’s Advanced Services team.

In 2001, Shahpurwala left Cisco for Andiamo Networks, a start-up manufacturer of storage switches that was later acquired by Cisco. Upon his return to Cisco, Shahpurwala built and co-led the billion-dollar Advanced Services enterprise business, where he pioneered the data center networking practice and led the worldwide technology practices for operations and support systems (OSS), infrastructure, and security. Additionally, he served as Senior Vice President for Advanced Services in Asia Pacific, Japan, and China.

Shahpurwala is an inventor and holds a patent for NatKit, a remote network-monitoring tool. He also sponsors the Early Career Network at Cisco, a community platform for new hires looking to expand their network, access training and events, and get support for career development. Shahpurwala holds a master’s degree in computer engineering from Western Michigan University.

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