Written by A.H. (8th Grade Student)

In October, a portion of STEM students visited the PayPal headquarters for a tour and introduction to their company. PayPal created a way to make financial transactions digitally and safely anywhere and with anyone in the world. The SLI students that went on this trip are participating in a project called Exploravision. Exploravision is a contest in which the participants write an essay about a solution to a problem in the world. It requires innovation and creativity. Due to the fact that PayPal focuses on innovation, the Exploravision students were given the opportunity to visit their campus.

During their trip, students were given a tour of the showroom, a model of how PayPal is used in stores and in the outside world. They were also given a preview of new impending technology such as virtual reality glasses that allow you to see prices and make transactions virtually and all through technology. Also, they were taught how you can use PayPal in your daily life and at stores locally. In addition, they were given the opportunity to sit in a replica of Captain Spock’s chair from the T.V. series “Star Trek.” The visit to PayPal was beneficial and educational for the students because it showed them how a simple idea could become a very successful company, an example of innovation and how it can be applied in the real world.