Before all SLI students launch into the Spring competition season, here is a final update about the conclusion of the Autumn/Winter robotics competitions. Middle school FIRST Lego League (FLL) teams and high school FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) teams wrapped up their final competitions in January and February and should be very proud of their accomplishments this year.

As mentioned in the December update, five FLL teams advanced to regional competitions which took place in January; and we’re excited to announce that one of those teams received the award for Gracious Professionalism.

At the high school FTC level, four teams competed in the quarter finals and one team won the Motivate award, one was advanced to the semi-finals round by another team and was nominated for the Rockwell-Collins Innovate Award, one took home the Judges Award, one received the prestigious Inspire Award. Two teams advanced to the regional competition and within that competition one advanced to semi-finals.

In summary:

For FLL at the Middle School level, 12 teams competed, 6 recognitions, 5 teams advanced to championships

For FTC at the High School level, 8 teams competed, 8 recognitions, 3 teams advanced to tournament semi-finals, 2 team advanced to regionals, 1 team advanced to regional semi-finals

Overall, it’s been a stellar season, where SLI students learned first-hand about teamwork, robotics, persevering, and problem-solving. Congratulations to everyone who participated this year! Well done!

For more background information on the FTC and FLL competitions, check out the Program Bulletin posts from October and December

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