This year we had nine teams compete in First Lego League, and the competition theme was “Trash Trek”. Using Lego Kits, teams built robots specifically designed to complete various challenges, such as retrieving and delivering specific items and sorting debris. In addition, they were tasked with creating a team project around the theme of trash.  We’re proud to say that multiple teams won awards. Two teams won Core Value Awards. One team won a Project Award. And one team won a Champion’s Award. Additionally, two teams qualified for the regional competition. Congratulations to all!

As an organization, we also hosted one of the local qualifying tournaments at Santa Clara High School, where we will be launching the high school portion of our program next year.  It was a crazy but fun-filled day and we can’t wait to do it again next year!

Update: While neither of our two teams advanced beyond the regional competition, they had a wonderful time showcasing their Lego robots as well as their project ideas, and were inspired by the multitude of other teams from our region who also competed at the event!

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