For the first time this year, students had the chance to participate in the Global Math Challenge (GMC). Sixty students volunteered to participate. As the GMC website says, “Looking at math as a sport that everyone can take part in, we decided to create a worldwide math contest – Global Math Challenge [which includes] brain-teasers that stimulate your curiosity and logical thinking [and] beautifully illustrated questions that are easy for anybody to follow.” SLI students took the test online at home. It consisted of ten difficult questions, and students were given forty minutes to complete the test. Scoring was not only based on the answers, but also on the time spent on each question.

We are excited to announce that two 9th graders and one 8th grader placed in the bronze category, and one 8th grader placed silver, ranking 1st in the USA and 36th in the world. Congratulations!

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