Students attending the Learning by Giving reception.

Learning by Giving is partnering with the 49ers Foundation and SLI to implement a pilot program aimed to teach students the art and business of philanthropic giving. All juniors will go through an accelerated month long intensive of experiential philanthropy; they will participate in experiential learning by studying nonprofits and giving away a total of $20,000 to their identified choice of cause.  In their senior year, one participating student who successfully completes SLI and the Learning by Giving course is eligible for a full ride scholarship should they earn admission to UC Berkeley or Stanford.

Learning by Giving typically works with students at the university level, teaching effective philanthropic giving. This pilot program with SLI would be bringing their mission to the high school level. For more information about their college curriculum:

“The Learning by Giving Foundation (LxG) partners with 35 colleges and universities across the country to teach effective giving and distribute grant funds to high-impact nonprofits.

In a LxG class, the coursework is focused on experiential learning, where students determine how to make an impact in their community through a rigorous, semester-long grantmaking process. Under the guidance of their instructor, students research community needs, conduct due diligence, and determine how to distribute real grant dollars to effective nonprofit organizations in their institution’s backyard.

LxG undergraduate students are part of a unique network that spans diverse disciplines — from English to Economics, Sociology to Political Science — and reaches across the country

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