A couple weeks ago, SLI’s 7th grade cohort got the chance to visit Levi’s Stadium, where they saw and experienced STEM in the real world. The day included a tour of the stadium (which has incorporated several STEM related features into its design) and the 49ers Museum (which features football memorabilia and educational pieces about the science of football); in addition to the tours, students participated in hand’s-on activities, including a motion lab and a gridiron engineering lesson.

The motion lab broke down the physics behind standing jumps and sprints. And student teams played a math game that required critical-thinking and probability (in addition to good ball-throwing skills). The gridiron engineering lab focused on the design-thinking process; students created new designs for the metal face-masks on football helmets (gridirons), then discussed and received feedback on those designs. The exercise served as helpful practice in the design thinking cycle.

Overall, it was a fun trip that gave students tangible examples of STEM and broadened their understanding of concepts that they learn every week in SLI.

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