A couple weeks ago, several scientists from NASA’s Ames Research Center visited Santa Clara High School to speak to advanced math and science students, including SLI 9th graders. Over three hundred students from AP biology, physics, statistics, both levels of calculus, and computer science were invited to the conference. The day started with a introductory speech, given by William Van Dalsem (Chief of Intelligent Systems within Exploration Technology), where he detailed the history and mission of NASA and the Ames Research Center. Students then rotated through three of eight different workshops given by NASA speakers. These speaker topics ranged from supersonic travel and flying cars to Mars exploration and satellite engineering. Overall, the day was an amazing opportunity for students to learn real world applications of STEM and to imagine beyond the current limits of exploration and technology.

Thank you to all the speakers: William Van Dalsem (Chief of Intelligent Systems within Exploration Technology), Heather Arneson (Research Aerospace Engineer), Chad Frost (Autonomous Systems and Robotics), Sandy Lozito (Chief of the Aviation Systems Division), Nettie Halcomb Roozeboom (Aerospace Engineer in the Wind Tunnel Division), Donald Durston (High Speed Project Engineer), Jeffrey Homola (Human Systems Integration Research Engineer), and Donald Ellerb (Research Scientist). And a big thank you to Ms Shorrock (SLI Program & Technology Manager at SCHS) who helped to facilitate the event.

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