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These papers explore important education practices and policies. They aim to explain and provide insight into issues facing students, parents, teachers, schools, and districts.

SCCOE Classroom Assessment Summary

East Side Alliance Math Toolkit

Improve Your Digital Fitness

April 2020

There’s no question, technology is changing the way we all work and live. From virtual reality field trips to science museums to apps explaining homework assignments from a simple screenshot, a lot has happened since we were in students’ shoes. With all this change, it is important that we prepare educators and their students for the digital future.As part of PwC’s Access Your Potential® commitment, we are supporting educators like you with access to resources to learn about emerging technologies, trends and disruptions. It starts by assessing your current digital knowledge. It gives you "fitness plan" options to improve it, and it delivers bite-sized content each week that will expand your knowledge and confidence to talk tech in the classroom.
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