Elevate [Math], Math Acceleration Program, and Catalyst to High School have now merged.

Program Summary

Elevate [Math] is an intervention program designed to elevate student achievement in math.

Math achievement in middle school is one of the best indicators of high school and college success; yet it is often the toughest academic challenge that our students face. By providing a summer program focused on building both math skills and student confidence, Elevate [Math] helps prepare more students for success in college and careers.

I was fortunate to teach Elevate [Math] this summer to a select few. This is roughly my 10th year of summer teaching in the district, and I haven’t used as effective of a math curriculum as Elevate [Math]. Like all student-centered curricula, it focuses on depth of learning and not width. It doesn’t touch on many different topics haphazardly, but instead focuses on three core concepts and aim for depth and mastery. The complementary components of Growth Mindset and Fast Forward to College complement enhance the mathematical learning beautifully as well. All my students have shown marked growth in their mathematical skill, adeptness, and, most importantly, confidence by the end of the program.

It is my hope that this program is adopted into the regular school year. With much confidence, I assure you that that move will be the catalyst to a deeper mathematical understanding and passion. We need this for 21st-century learning in and out of the four walls of the classroom.

I recommend Elevate [Math] without reservation.

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Margarita Santos

24-yr elementary and middle school teacher / Salinas City Elementary School District

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What is Elevate [Math]?

Summer Program:

Elevate [Math]

Elevate [Math] is offered by participating districts to students who are identified as target students based on their prior year’s SBAC results. The summer intervention program front-loads curriculum designed to align with the students’ next year Common Core math classes.

School Year Program:

Elevate [Math] Plus

Selected 3rd or 8th grade students can be invited by their districts to enroll in Elevate [Math] Plus. Students receive up to 50 hours of additional math support from district teachers. This school year program is designed to offer current students direct support throughout their Common Core math class.

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