Last week, SLI’s 7th grade cohort visited the 49ers Museum and STEAM Education Program at Levi’s Stadium. The museum explores the history of the 49ers Football Team and the engineering and design of football gear throughout the last century. The STEAM Education Program, a 49ers Foundation project, hosts students from all over the Bay Area, entirely free of cost, with the goal of introducing them to the world of STEAM through the lens of sports. The program’s work has received recognition all over the world; and is a parallel program to SLI, which is also primarily sponsored by the 49ers Foundation. Every year, the museum and STEAM Education Program host SLI’s 7th graders. This year, SLI students toured the Levi’s Stadium, a state-of-the-art venue with several engineering and technology enhancements. They explored the museum and learned about the evolution of technology in entertainment and sports. Student also got a bit of exercise out on the field, playing a math-based game involving running and football. Overall, it was a fun outing, where students learned about the 49ers Foundation’s other programs and experienced the real-world intersection of STEM, sports, and entertainment.

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