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Chandler Crutcher had always liked math and got good grades in the subject through most of elementary school. But at the end of 5th grade with the introduction of pre-Algebra he suddenly seemed lost and unable to grasp basic concepts.

“I always liked math, but it just got too hard,” the 12-year-old said. His math teacher saw his struggle and recommended he enroll in Silicon Valley Education Foundation’s summer math program to work on his math skills.

His mom, Kimberly, said she couldn’t believe how well Chandler responded to the class and how almost immediately it helped reduce his math anxiety.”I saw a huge turnaround when he took the class,” said his mom. “You could see him gain confidence in himself as a student, and that ended up spilling over into other classes. He got up every day really excited to go to class.”

Chandler said what made the difference for him was attending a class that focused only on math, and a teacher and teaching assistant who had time to give students special attention when they got stuck, unlike his math class during the regular school year.

He liked working with other students on teams because they all helped each other solve problems. “And the teacher made it fun so you didn’t feel like you were in math for four hours,” he said. Going back to school after the summer program Chandler had new confidence. He had a jump on the math curriculum and felt like he was one of the smartest kids in his class. Chandler now says math is his favorite subject and someday he wants to be a math professor.

Students like Chandler are the reason SVEF created the summer math program — to provide a strong math foundation for those who struggle and to inspire them to succeed academically and reach for college.

In 2018, SVEF helped over 4,000 students like Chandler to get on the path to college. We look forward to our partnership in the new year as we continue to make more investments in our students’ futures through our innovative STEM programs.

Your gift has an immediate impact on the lives of our students and teachers. I hope we can count on your end of year giving!

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