SLI middle school and high school students having begun preparing for their Spring challenges. Half of students will be competing the San Jose Tech Museum’s Tech Challenge and the other half will present research and design projects at MakerFaire

This year for tech challenge, students have been given a scenario that requires creative thinking and diligent problem-solving:

“Imagine you’re at the top of a mountain. Or a cliff. Or a building.
You need to get your supplies to a location at the bottom and up a hill.
You’re all ready to go when you find …
Your batteries are dead.
You can’t scrap the mission. So what do you do?
The challenge: Design and build a device to survive a drop and deliver supplies. No batteries allowed!”

Students have been busy going through the design-thinking cycle and getting creative with prototypes. And Mr Lilli generously built a test rig for students to test all prototypes on!

For MakerFaire this year, middle school and high school each have their own theme to inspire their research and designs. The middle school theme is “The Home of the Future”; and the high school theme is “Space Exploration.” Under these headings, student groups have the freedom to explore a wide variety of topics and follow their imaginations to adventurous and creative conclusions.

Best of luck to all SLI students as they work on these Spring competitions and projects!

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