This autumn, a group of SLI middle school students took the initiative to start their own student-run magazine, called STEMATIX. The first issue was recently released, featuring articles on a wide range of topics. It includes an interview with STEM industry professionals, a couple creative writing pieces and comic strips with STEM themes, and columns on STEM jobs, toys, and gadgets.

As the editor’s note says, “This is a 100% student run magazine, and is meant to promote STEM and the SLI program at Cabrillo Middle School.” No teacher or administrator was involved; the magazine is a student project from start to finish, including the graphic design, the writing, and the research. As a program, SLI strongly encourages students to take initiative and pursue their passions, challenging themselves to try something new. STEMATIX team, editor and writers all, congratulations on your first issue!

See below to read the whole issue.