It’s May, which means it’s time for MakerFaire! A celebration of the Maker Movement, the faire is a unique festival that blends STEM fields, art, creativity, and the design process. This year, SLI students from all three grade levels presented projects that they specifically developed for Maker Faire. Each grade level was given a theme to inspire their projects:

For 7th grade, the theme was “Growth Mindset In, Stress Out;” the 8th graders were given given the theme “Exploration;” and the 9th grade theme was “Philanthropic Fabrication,” inspiring community-oriented, altruistic projects from students.

Students presented all three days of the faire, demonstrating their devices and sharing their creations with the public.

One team used a microscope to look at the formation of colorful ice crystals (created with dry ice, water, and food coloring) in a project that used science to create beautiful, colorful displays.

Another group designed a beautiful painter’s palette and cup; and while the project might seem simple at first glance, they use the ShopBot and the 3D printer (and all the corresponding software) to design, prototype, and build it. The result was a high quality, remarkable wooden palette and cup that was the envy of every artist.

The most interactive project was a meditation cube. The team created a five foot by five foot “room” with fabric walls and a carpet floor. Participants were invited in and using an app that the students designed, they were lead through different meditation exercises, with the options of music and light therapy.

Overall, 26 SLI teams presented over the course of the weekend. It was a fantastic experience for all of them, giving them the opportunity to stretch their presentation and people skills in addition to their imaginations and their comfort with design-thinking.

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