In December, SLI’s 7th and 8th grade students visited Central Park Elementary School and spoke about their ExploraVision research projects. Using the opportunity to work on their speaking and teaching skills, they modified their presentations to cater to their elementary school audience, bringing engaging activities and visual aides.

According to attending teachers, Central Park students were truly amazed at what they saw, asking very intriguing questions, writing down notes, and approaching presenters to ask and interact with the prototypes. For example, one ExploraVision project deals with the possibility of nano bots using the bloodstream to travel around the body to specific sites that need treatment. The elementary students asked wonderful questions, like how it would get into bloodstream, how it would be repaired if it malfunctioned, and how would the nano bots defend themselves from the immune system. These types of questions helped SLI students understand their research topics more thoroughly and in some cases discover possible omissions in their work.

Both elementary and middle school teachers commented that the presentations were exciting and beneficial. Central Park is a STEAM elementary school and does design projects; and the teachers found that SLI’s presentations tangibly made the connection between design projects and real world innovation. Overall, both groups of students inspired each other, encouraging critical thinking and inspiration across all areas of STEM.

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