Global Math Competition Results!

December 20, 201649ers STEM Leadership Institute

For the first time this year, students had the chance to participate in the Global Math Challenge (GMC). Sixty students volunteered to participate. As the GMC website says, “Looking at math as a sport that everyone can take part in, we decided to create a worldwide math contest – Global Math Challenge [which includes] brain-teasers that stimulate … Read More

Hour of Code™

December 13, 201649ers STEM Leadership Institute

This year middle school students participated in the nationwide initiative, Hour of Code™. As describes it, “The Hour of Code started as a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify “code”, to show that anybody can learn the basics, and to broaden participation in the field of computer science. It has since become … Read More

FIRST LEGO League & FIRST Tech Challenge

November 20, 201649ers STEM Leadership Institute

It’s that time of year again! SLI’s high school students will be participating in FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC). This year’s competition, titled “Velocity Vortex,” is played like a game, with different achievements awarding teams different points. Most of the goals involve robots moving a ball (sometimes large, sometimes small) into a particular area of the … Read More

49ers Foundation & Chevron to Launch Fab Lab at Santa Clara High School

August 24, 201649ers STEM Leadership Institute

“The San Francisco 49ers and Chevron unveiled the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) Fabrication (Fab) Lab at Santa Clara High School in collaboration between the 49ers Foundation, the Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF), the Santa Clara Unified School District (SCUSD) and Chevron. In addition to the incoming class of freshman enrolled in the 49ers … Read More

49ers SLI Summer Session – 2016

July 18, 201649ers STEM Leadership Institute

Welcome back! While the school year has not yet officially started, our students are back in the labs, exploring, prototyping, experimenting, and learning. Over the next three weeks, students will do team-building activities, familiarize themselves with the design thinking cycle, study circuits and computer science, and begin introductions to science and math classes. All program teachers and many program … Read More

Tech Challenge 2016: Take Flight!

April 27, 201649ers STEM Leadership Institute

Last weekend was Tech Challenge at the San Jose Tech Museum, and we had eleven teams compete! This year’s challenge was particularly tricky. The students were challenged to create a glider that would fly over a 3½-foot mountain range, clear a 6-foot-tall pylon, and then land on a target approximately 3 feet in diameter. The glider could be … Read More

49ers Foundation Brings in More Than $1.5 Million at 16th Annual Winter Fest

March 30, 201649ers STEM Leadership Institute

“The San Francisco 49ers organization spent a weekend in late March surrounded by the beautiful mountain vistas of Olympic Valley, Calif., where they joined Olympians and other celebrities to bring in more than $1.5 million for the San Francisco 49ers Foundation at the 16th Annual Winter Fest. The weekend-long event, presented by Chevron, celebrated philanthropy, … Read More

Synopsys Science Fair – 2016

March 23, 201649ers STEM Leadership Institute

Who doesn’t love a good old science fair? The Synopsys sponsored science fair is an elite event that is selective about its participants and rigorously enforces student diligence, safety, and intricate paperwork. In doing so, the Synopsys Science Fair gives its participants a real glimpse into what being an actual researcher requires. The 49ers STEM Leadership … Read More

First Lego League – 2015

November 29, 201549ers STEM Leadership Institute

This year we had nine teams compete in First Lego League, and the competition theme was “Trash Trek”. Using Lego Kits, teams built robots specifically designed to complete various challenges, such as retrieving and delivering specific items and sorting debris. In addition, they were tasked with creating a team project around the theme of trash.  We’re … Read More