After the awards ceremony on Sunday, we are thrilled to announce the specific awards and honors that SLI students received. Three SLI projects (one from each grade level) placed 1st in the Physical Science & Engineering Category and the two middle school projects received nominations to compete in Broadcom MASTERS (an elite middle school science competition). Two more SLI projects placed 2nd in the same Physical Science & Engineering Category. And six projects received honorable mention. The Association for Computing Machinery gave a 2nd place student award and an honorable mention student award to two SLI projects. An 8th grade project received a certificate of achievement from the Society of Women Engineers. And one 9th grade project, in addition to winning an honorable mention, received the Bruce Kawanami Engineering Award and a BBC Microbit Development Kit from TechLab Education. Overall, 18 awards and honors were given to 14 SLI projects. Amazing work, award winners!

Synopsys is a prestigious local science fair that requires rigorous project-based research from its participants. Its submission guidelines demand a clearly defined question or problem; accurate testing and analysis; quantifiable, measurable results; and a clear definition of criteria for success or outcome. This year, 41 SLI sciences projects were accepted to the fair; and a total of 69 students worked on these projects and presented them in March to approximately 500 category and special award judges, including over 60 industry professionals.

This year 14 SLI projects (22 students) were selected to receive awards. These projects include a heat-sensing rescue robot, an active cuff for the treatment of edema in the lower extremities, and several projects that aim to help the blind with navigating, sensing what is ahead of them, or cleaning up after their service dogs.

It has been another year of fantastic projects and presentations. Congratulations to all! And best of luck to the projects that are continuing on to Broadcom MASTERS!

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