Presented by the Santa Clara Valley Science & Engineering Faire Association

We are proud to announce that several SLI groups from each grade have been accepted to Synopsys Championship this year.

Synopsys is a prestigious local science fair that calls for rigorous project-based research from its participants. Its guidelines require a clearly defined question or problem; accurate testing and analysis; quantifiable, measurable results; and a clear definition of criteria for success or outcome.

SLI’s students are working on a wide variety of projects. In 7th grade, proposals included a DIY window-cleaning robot, a “procrastination app” to help students focus on homework, and UV activated hand sanitizer. One 8th grade group is repurposing facial recognition software to help Alzheimer’s patients distinguish loved ones from strangers. Another group is working on a filter to decrease the proliferation of high biomass algae. SLI’s high school freshman class has several proposals including an easily adjustable ramp for the disabled, a heat-sensing rescue robot, and a “Watchdog” app that uses algorithms, FitBit technology, and Android devices to monitor a user’s biometrics and alert loved ones.

The Synopsys Championship showcase will be taking place in March in San Jose. It is always a treat to attend, getting the chance to admire the results of SLI students and to be inspired by the remarkable research of all the participants.

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