Science Fair is in the Air at SLI

February 28, 201949ers STEM Leadership Institute

At the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute, science fairs are on everyone’s mind at the moment. The program hosted its first-ever Science Showcase, where SLI’s 9th & 10th-grade cohorts showcased 45 science projects. Over 24 judges from industry and education backgrounds visited students’ displays and spoke with them about their research and findings.  Students presented research on a … Read More

Learning By Giving Partnering with 49ers STEM Leadership Institute

November 22, 201849ers STEM Leadership Institute

Students attending the Learning by Giving reception. Learning by Giving is partnering with the 49ers Foundation and SLI to implement a pilot program aimed to teach students the art and business of philanthropic giving. All juniors will go through an accelerated month-long intensive of experiential philanthropy; they will participate in experiential learning by studying nonprofits and giving away … Read More

Freshmen get a Close Look at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

October 17, 201849ers STEM Leadership Institute

Last week SLI 9th graders visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The day-long field trip included a hands-on “Discovery Lab” seminar given specifically for our students, where students learned about the biodiversity of the kelp forest “The kelp forests of Monterey Bay are among the most biologically diverse ecosystems on earth. What is biodiversity and why … Read More

Student Magazine STEMATIX Tackles Environmental Issues

October 15, 201849ers STEM Leadership Institute

STEMATIX, a completely student-run and student-written magazine, has produced its fourth issue with articles from SLI middle and high school students. This issue’s theme centers around global warming and environmental issues. In addition, this issue is the first to feature a Stanford Penpals article, a Q&A with Developmental Biologists from Stanford. To read this issue … Read More

Synopsys Science Fair Awards!

April 10, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

After the awards ceremony on Sunday, we are thrilled to announce the specific awards and honors that SLI students received. Three SLI projects (one from each grade level) placed 1st in the Physical Science & Engineering Category and the two middle school projects received nominations to compete in Broadcom MASTERS (an elite middle school science competition). Two more SLI … Read More

Students Speak at Winter Fest

April 5, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

Last month, two 49ers STEM Leadership Institute (SLI) students had the opportunity to speak at the 49ers Foundation’s 17th annual Winter Fest. They spoke about their experiences in the SLI program; learning the design thinking process; working with state of the art tools; developing their soft skills; and collaborating with fellow classmates. “The 49ers Foundation annual Winter Fest event … Read More

Six SLI Teams Receive Honorable Mention for their ExploraVision Projects

March 10, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

We are thrilled to announce that six SLI teams received Honorable Mention for their ExploraVision research projects. ExploraVision is a nationwide competition centered around the history and future of technology. Competing teams select a specific current technology and research its origin, its modern day purpose, and exactly how it works. “The students must then project into the future … Read More

Recruitment for Class of 2023 Wraps Up

March 2, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

After three months dedicated to the recruitment process, we at the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute (SLI) are excited to announce that all admission decisions for the incoming class of 2023 have been finalized. From the written applications to the student interviews to the SLI-hosted information sessions, we were amazed by the talent and passion of this … Read More

Students Start Working on Maker Faire 2017 Projects

February 18, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

Maker Faire isn’t happing for a few months, but that doesn’t mean SLI students aren’t hard at work brainstorming and creating in anticipation. A celebration of the Maker Movement, Maker Faire is a unique festival that blends STEM fields, art, creativity, and problem solving. This year SLI is sending several teams from each grade to showcase creations … Read More

Students Win Startup Weekend

February 8, 201749ers STEM Leadership Institute

Nithila and Sriya [SLI students] were part of team MyLine, which eventually won the weekend-long event for their new app, which is designed to reduce wait times at school lunch lines.   –Kevin Forestieri, Mountain View Voice “Startup Weekend is a 54 hour event that brings together Mountain View designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and experts from all domains … Read More