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Talk to Me - Book Launch

Fri, May 27, 7pm – 9pm

SVEF President and CEO Muhammed Ahmad Chaudhry is a contributing author to an exciting new book called “Talk To Me: Changing the Narrative on Race, Religion, & Education.” Talk To Me tackles issues of race and discrimination in America and in our education system. Harvard University Fellow Qasim Rashid, a long time SVEF supporter, is the author of Talk To Me.
In Talk To Me, Muhammed discusses the great equalizer across race, economic status, and gender to advance our education system. This equalizer, Muhammed writes, enables students of any background and from any socio-economic class to succeed in our education system. 
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SVEF invites our amazing supporters to invest in Talk To Me, which launches May 17. Talk To Me is available here:




IMPORTANT: When you buy a copy of Talk To Me, don’t forget to email us your confirmation number at [email address]! For every purchase of Talk To Me by an SVEF supporter, Qasim Rashid will contribute $1 to our STEM initiative.
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