This last weekend SLI students from each grade competed in the Tech Challenge at The San Jose Tech Museum.

Students were given the following goal: to construct a device to help explorers cross two ravines in an ice field. According to the 2017 official rules, “Explorers must cross each ravine, bringing their entire device across for future use. Self-powered aerial solutions such as planes, drones, lighter-than-air vehicles or helicopters are prohibited.”

At the competition, it was fascinating to see how all the teams tackled the challenge; some teams used remote cars or robots; other decided to use only simple machines to cross the ravines. Across all competing grades and teams, devices struggled to effectively cross the ravines; four devices from SLI teams successfully completed the challenge! And SLI teams received the following awards: Top Tech Challenge Story, 2nd Place in the Video Contest, Outstanding Device Performance, and Outstanding Engineering Design Process. Well done, everyone!

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